Q: Is the trek suitable for families?

A: YES! The Great Rift Valley Trek is great for families. Get out of the safari car, stretch those legs and experience Tanzania and it’s culture in a whole different way.

Q: Is the trek difficult?

A: At some parts the trek can be difficult (when walking down the rift valley and walking up Empakia Crater) but most is a nice walk and at a pace you are happy with. We have expert guides to help you along the way. For those that are very adventurous you can also arrange a climb up Ol Doinyo Lengai, a challenging climb up an active volcano, at the end of your trek at extra cost.

Q: Can you do the trek the other way round?

A: YES. You can start at Empakai Camp and trek down to Lake Natron Camp OR you can start at Lake Natron Camp and trek up to Empakai Camp.

Q: Can you shorten the trek?

A: YES. You have 2 options. 1 or 2 day trek. The 1 day trek misses out staying at Empakai Camp so we would highly recommend the 2 day option to experience the trek fully and for more walking. Each trek ends or starts with 2 nights at the unique Lake Natron Camp.

Q: Can you make the trek longer?

A: YES. For those that want an epic adventure you can add on to this trek by heading off the beaten track, into the Gol Mountains. This would be a total of 1 week. If this sounds like your cup of tea follow this link to find out more.

Q: What is the age limit for the trek?

A: There is no age limit but we usually say it depends on the child. You are walking around 5 hours on average a day so have to make sure your child is able to do this.

Q: Do we have to carry all our own things?

A: NO. The camp equipment and your personal belongings get moved to each camp for you. We recommend carrying a day pack with essentials and spare clothes for the second day.

Q: How do we get to Empakai Crater?

A: Your driver will drop you off at Empakai Crater and will then meet you at Lake Natron Camp to carry on your safari.

Q: How long do we walk each day?

A: Each day you walk around 5 hours. Max 16km per day.

Q: Can we have a shower on the trek?

A: YES. At each camp you will have an opportunity to shower.

Q: What is the highest point of elevation?

A: Empakai Camp is 3280m above sea level.